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American Window Restoration specializes in the proper and documented restoration of wooden windows.  We combine the attributes of a contractor and an artist to provide top quality, hand-crafted products.  Our work is completed on a schedule with contract and pricing guarantees.    



  • Larger projects
  • Photographic and method documentation
  • Method plan / Specifications
  • Condition assessment reporting
  • Extraction / Temporary enclosures
  • Installation
  • Warranty / Maintenance plan



Wooden windows, when properly maintained can last for centuries, if not longer.  Our full restoration costs are comparable to modern wood-clad window replacement costs.  Although this is a broad generalization and each project is unique, even the very best new windows will experience an adhesive or seal failure in a matter of decades.  Factor in curb appeal, antiquity value, tax credits and your overall ROI, the choice to restore is an easy one to make.


American Window Restoration is currently seeking a larger project of significance scheduled to begin in late 2018.   Early notice or invitation would be helpful if we can partner with you on your next historic project.  We Travel.  Thank you for visiting this site.

featured projects

The Heritage, Kenosha, Wisconsin


A 2-story grand ballroom surrounded by 84 square-foot radius-top window assemblies makes this a special project.

Schempf Building, Watertown, Wisconsin


Originally the largest department store in Wisconsin, this building includes existing and reproduction over-sized picture and double-hung windows.

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